Ottoman Turkish on OSX

Ottoman Turkish Transliteration Keyboard Layout 
for OSX Leopard and Snow Leopard

Keyboard layout for Ottoman Turkish transliteration

This is essentially a Turkish Q keyboard with diacriticals used in the transliteration of the Arabic script assigned to the alternative key layout (Alt + Key).


1.Open the Ottoman Turkish Keyboard for OSX directory
2.Drag and drop the ottomanturkish.icns and ottomanturkish.keylayout files to /Library/Keyboard Layouts   (Shortcut/Alias in the same Ottoman Turkish Keyboard for OSX directory)
3.Open International (Language & Text in Snow Leopard) system preference panel, choose Keyboards, scroll down to and check ottomanturkish
4. You can now switch to the Ottoman Turkish diacritical keyboard via the flag icon on the upper right corner of your screen.

This layout is based on the Arabic transliteration keyboard provided by The Arabic Macintosh website.

I have used Ukelele, a freeware keyboard layout editor provided by Sil International to plug in the Turkish keys.

Please contact Harun Küçük (harunkucuk at gmail dot com) with questions or suggestions. Feel free to modify the layout to suit your needs.
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Regular key layout (identical to Turkish Q)

Alternative key layout (very similar to the Arabic transliteration keyboard from the Arabic Macintosh website)